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About Us

Our History

In 1999, Delamin Ltd., a U.K. based company, began manufacturing Salt Bath Nitriding chemicals for a U.S. company located in Detroit, MI. As the working relationship between the two companies flourished, Delamin assisted in the development of a European market for Salt Bath Nitriding chemicals. In 2005, the Delamin Group seized an opportunity to sell its own line of Salt Bath Nitriding products within Europe. Approximately 3 years thereafter, Delamin entered the U.S. market with its own line of products including DEL-GEN ™, DEL-NITE ™ and DEL- QUENCH ™. The following year, the Quench Polish Quench (Delamin QPQ®) process for Salt Bath Nitriding was trademarked in the U.K. by Delamin. For the next 7 years, Delamin continued to develop a loyal customer base in the U.S. and European markets. In 2016, Delamin undertook reorganization, splitting the Salt Bath Nitriding business into a separate legal entity, known as Delamin Nitriding Salts Ltd. In January 2019, Delamin Nitriding Salts Ltd. was acquired by Parker Trutec Inc., an Ohio based company and a subsidiary of Nihon Parkerizing LLC of Japan. 

On September 29, 2023, Delamin Nitriding Salts (DNS), a U.S. company was sold to an affiliate company, Parker Netsushori Kogyo (PNK).  Being part of the PNK group, DNS can continue to thrive as a producer and distributor of FNC chemicals.  This vertical integration achieved by producing, distributing and even purchasing chemicals within the Parker Group provides DNS the perfect vantage point from which to anticipate customers’ needs, to fulfil those needs, and to remain in the forefront as an innovative supplier in the industry. In addition, DNS’s affiliation with PNK Research and Development facilities in Japan,  provides DNS an opportunity to provide a wider range of products.

About Us

DNS team members have a wealth of experience in salt bath nitriding and understand the importance of starting your nitriding process with high quality salts.  With our team’s particular experience in metal surface treatment, specifically for customers in the automotive sector, we are in the unique position as salt suppliers to understand your need for lot traceability and salt quality assurance.  With that in mind, we have an established lot tracing system and can provide certificates of compliance for all batches of our products.
The staff at DNS takes pride in providing excellent customer service. We have experienced personnel to assist with a variety of technical issues. Specifically, we can provide metallurgical analysis, waste and wastewater recommendations, equipment and processing suggestions and salt analyses.
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